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Funny thing happened the other day. I was making a delivery at work, and I was about to leave this place when I see a couple of kids riding their bikes down the street. Anyway, I noticed that they all wore helmets, and it got me thinking; since when did it become cool to wear helmets when you rode a bike. When I was a kid we didn't wear helmets. Wearing a helmet meant you were gay. My mom bought me a helmet when I was a kid; I never wore it a day in my life. I kept stuff in it. That's what we used helmets for when I was young, storage. We just put it in the shelf in the closet and threw random shit in there; Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Action figures, Gameboy games, a pair of scissors, and sports cards. Stuff that didn't really have a specific place in our room. We didn't need to wear helmets when I was young; we learned how to ride a bike without falling, barring some stupidity on our part. But everytime I see some kid riding a bike they're wearing a helmet. Does anyone out there remember the term "helmets are for pussies"? Whatever happened to that?
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