milesiibruce (milesiibruce) wrote in creatingeden,

Rant: the GNAA

This rant is about a website that a friend of mine showed me a couple of days ago. Before he sent me the link he made me promise not to hate him forever, which I don't. The creators of this site however, is another matter. The website is , and it's the official (and when I use the term loosely) website for the GNAA, or, the Gay Nigger Association of America. Now, when I first saw the site, my reaction was what I like to call dumbfounded anger; I was angry that someone created the site, but at the same time the very concept of the site dumbfounded me. I mean, GAY NIGGER ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA! That means that a bunch of niggers, not black people, but niggers (trust me, there is a difference between black people and niggers. If you don't believe me, watch Chris Rock - Bring the Pain), felt oppressed and decided to form an organization for the advancement of the rights of other gay niggers. The next thing I thought when I saw the site was "this has to be fake." But after about 3 seconds of that line of reasoning, I decided to investigate the site and the GNAA to see if they do in fact exist as a legitamate group (hey, I thought NAMBLA didn't exist at first, I just didn't want to make the same mistake twice). So I looked at a few links on the site to see what this group's agenda was. Apparently it revolves around flooding forums (, a hostile takeover of Electronic Arts (, victory over America Online (, and Linux dying ( They also want to bomb Christmas Island, whatever the fuck that is (, think Osama Bin Ladin is "the Greatest Man Alive", and got ported to the XBox in January (Hey Stephen, if someone trades that in the GNAA for the XBox at Gamers, save it for me!). I spent about 30 seconds looking at these articles before I reached my final conclusion; this site, and the GNAA is a joke. And so are the people who came up with it. I'm sorry, but if you put up a site like this, you have to be a joke. The creators have a quote on the site that says "If you think this site is racist, you need your head checked.", and that may be true. But if you are responsible for this site, you should have a spiked bat shoved up your ass while a thin metal wire heated at over 3000 degrees is shoved up your pee hole and boric acid is funneled down your throat. From what I can tell the site is just a vehicle for a bunch of computer nerds with too much time on their hands (and will in all likelihood never get any pussy, unless they count theirs.) to spew their hatred for AOL, love for the XBox, and their dislike for EA. Now if they want to do this, I have no problem with that, but there are better ways to go about it (a LiveJournal for example). However, I do not think that the GNAA site, or the creators for that matter are racist. I think that the site is the most ignorant joke ever conceived by man, and the creators are ignorant, retarded-ass fuckshit monkey-spunks with the combined intelligence of a cum bucket from a bukkake film, who also happen to be racist. It's things like this that make the idea of the castration of men, with the exception of those viewed as fit to bear children(a practice advocated by some women's right groups) appealing, because if ever there are guys that need to have their dicks hacked off, it's these fuckers. Now, on the off chance that the creators happen to be black (which I doubt), then the following statement will be magnified 10 times, and I would like to add that you are a disgrace to your race.
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